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Bethel Cycle Sport


Who We Are: The Bethel Cycle Sport is made up of a dedicated group of cyclists and triathletes who share the passion of riding and competing.  The club is formed as a not for profit, non stock corporation called Bethel Cycle Sport, Inc.  The retail bike shop Bethel Cycle & Fitness, LLC is a separate corporation that sponsors the club and also donates this Internet web space.

The vision of our club is to promote all disciplines of cycling ... road, mtb, cyclocross, duathlon and triathlon from a beginner to elite racing level. 


This vision has become a reality.  We have grown to over 200 members and have a nice blend of USCF racers, USAT triathletes and sport enthusiasts.  And even though we have some of the top age group racers in the region, we want our club to be a place where both elite racers and sport riders can feel at home.


Broad Objectives of the Club

  • Encourage new riders to participate in cycling and triathlon. 

  • Conduct Educational Seminars and Clinics

  • Organize Group Rides and Multi-Sport Training Sessions
  • Support Club Racers
  • Promote Local Racing

Club Activities and Member Benefits

  • Formal Meetings and Communication Network
    •  Designated Group Managers
    • Group Mailing Lists (email)
  • Educational Seminars and Workshops
    • Safety and Riding etiquette
    • Bicycle Repair
    • Racing Strategy
    • Training and Nutrition
  • Organized Group Rides and Training Sessions
    • Weekly Rides from Bethel Cycle
    • Intra-Club Time Trial Series 
    • Insurance coverage for USAT licensed riders.
  • Support For Our Members


  • Discounts from Our Sponsors and Bethel Cycle
    • 10% off clothing, parts and accessories under $500
      • This applies to online orders as well.  Valid club discount code needed.
      • Low margin prducts (such as Garmin) excluded.
    • Professional Team Race Apparel
      • Pre-season orders at wholesale cost.
      • 10% discount in-season purchases at Bethel Cycle
    • 15% off Clif Products
    • 15% off Continental Tires
    • Bulk Tube Deals
    • Special Offer on Trek Team Bike / Bontrager Wheels


Club Membership


Membership: We welcome new members to our club.  We do have a few rules and conditions that pertain to all members.

  • There is an annual membership fee of $45 
  • New USCF must be approved by the Category Team Manager
  • Riders must adhere to all laws and ride safely and responsibly at all times.
  • Racers are expected to conduct good sportsmanship.

 If you agree to the above, click here: Membership Form

 Communication and Club Contacts

Communication: The majority of our communication will be via email.  Members will be notified directly about me etings events, rides and activities.  We have established mailing lists for the whole club as well as sub groups (such as tri).  You have to be a member of the list to send and recieve emails withing each list.

Mountain Bike:
USCF Racers:
Sport Riders:

Club Contacts:




Sport Cycling  
Norman Semchyshen
Women's Racing Monica Roberto

Mailing List Updates Frank Daly

Cat 4/5 Racing John Romano

Masters / Junior Racing Stephen Badger

Mountain Bike Greg Cimmino

Multi-Sport (Du/ Tri)

John McFarland

 General Manager  Greg Pelican

Training Ride Classifications

Ride Class Ave. Speed Group Etiquette Wait for dropped riders?
A+ >21 Race pace, excellent paceline skills expected. No mercy.  Consult directions on your Iphone.
A 18.5 - 21 Steady pace, rotating paceline, good paceline skills expected. Re-group at intersections.
B 17 - 19 Steady pace, rotating paceline, good paceline skills expected.* Re-group at intersections.
B Social 17 - 19 Pace up to leader / group, single file, practice paceline skills.** No Drop
C 16 - 17.5 Goal is safe riding in a single file, practice rotating paceline.*  ** Re-group at intersections.
C Social <16 Pace up to leader / group.  Single file for safety but no intention to ride in a rotating paceline. no Drop
* if a rider wants to exceed the speed of the group they should join a faster ride classification.
** More experienced riders should help out and teach newcomers.
Average speed (mph) is just a relative guideline and will vary based on conditions, route, Red Bull.
Triathlon (TT) bikes present a safety hazard in tight group riding and are not welcome on our larger road bike rides, no problem on tri specific training rides with other tri bikes.
Safety First!      These rides are not a race.       Respect motorists and traffic laws.